York Suburban Board Meetings

October 27 - Finance Committee Meeting - 7:30AM

October 4 - Planning Committee Meeting - 7:30PM

October 18 - Regular Monthly Meeting - 7:30 PM

The Suburban Contract: Not a Step Forward, Just a Smaller Step Back

Nick Pandelidis

YS 2010 tax delinquencies have reached an all-time high of $650,000 or 4x the 2009 delinquencies and 40 times the 2008 number. More disturbing, 20 properties in the YS district have been seized by the county and are up for auction because of inability to pay their property tax. Those seizures represent the 2009 delinquencies, so we can expect 80 families being thrown out of their homes next year for inability to pay their property tax.

Funding the Status Quo System Harms Public Education

Nick Pandelidis, M.D.

The York Suburban Citizens for Responsible Government has been misrepresented as supporting education spending cuts purely for the sake of decreasing tax expenditure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Government at all levels, including school boards, performs it function poorly, solves problems poorly, and has no regard for hard earned tax payer money.

Dr Orban Just Doesn’t Get It (And She is Not Alone)

Nick Pandelidis, M.D.

At the York Suburban Citizens for Responsible Government meeting last Thursday, several persons asked about the possibility of a school board candidates forum to learn more about the candidates and their views regarding the challenges facing the district. A few mothers of students present suggested the PTO might be interested in hosting such an event. Their recommendation was received enthusiastically recognizing the PTO as a non-partisan and significant stakeholder in the educational and fiscal success of York Suburban. Subsequently, Monday evening, the Indian Rock Dam PTO discussed and was receptive to the concept, but final approval was deferred to Dr. Orban.

The Problem & Solution

The Problem

Government at all levels poorly problem-solves, operates inefficiently, and wastefully spends our hard-earned tax dollars.

The Solution

We can have the greatest influence on the government closest to us. Joining with our concerned York Suburban neighbors we can work to promote responsible and responsive governance of the York Suburban School District. Further, by networking with similarly committed and engaged school district groups, we can promote responsible and responsive county and state level government.

For more, please read The Big Picture.

The Big Picture

Expansion of government, misguided government social policy encouraging dependency, excessive taxation and regulation of our economy, and massive deficit spending have eroded and threaten our individual and national freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity.

Runaway deficit entitlement turns upside down the hallowed American tradition of parents and grandparents sacrificing and saving to give their children a better future by not only failing to invest for their futures but by further “stealing” money from the next generation and spending it now for our “benefit”. 

About Us

We are a group of informed and engaged York Suburban School District citizens committed to responsible and responsive school district, municipal, and state government.

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